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808 980 diode IPL E-light SHR DPL Hair Removal Machines

  • 808nm Diode laser hair  removal system
  • 808nm Diode laser hair  removal system
  • 808nm Diode laser hair  removal system
  • 808nm Diode laser hair  removal system
808nm Diode laser hair  removal system808nm Diode laser hair  removal system808nm Diode laser hair  removal system808nm Diode laser hair  removal system

808nm Diode laser hair removal system

  • Hair Removal
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Product description: This product is mainly used for laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation

808 Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine Adg Design Diode Laser Beauty Machine

Our Advantages
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Laser Type Diode Laser
Certification CE,ROHS,ISO13485
Application Commercial use,clinic,salon,home
Aftersale service provided Certificate,manual,free spare parts,online support,video technical support,1 Year Warranty &Lifetime Maintenance
Product name 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal
Functio Hair Removal,Skin Rejuvenation
Voltage AC220V-240V±10%50HZ,AC110V±10%60HZ
Whole machine output power Portable:2500w
808 Diode Laser
Wavelength 808 755 1064nm(Can OEM 810nm)
Machine technology Macro channel technology
Handle technology Palladium-bar imported from Germany
Screen 10 or 8 inch color LCD touch screen
Spot size 12*20mm, 12*25mm, 12*30mm, 5mm
Handle Power 1000w/1200w/1600w(can oem 2000w)
Frequency 1-10HZ
Pulse 1-400ms
Energy 10~100J/cm2
Shots 40 million
Cooling system TEC air cooling +water cooling +semiconductor refrigeration
Working principle & Function
Theory of Diode Laser:
This system uses a special laser with a long pulse width of 808nm that can penetrate hair follicles. Using selective light absorption theory, melanin can preferentially absorb laser light. Then heat the hair shaft and hair follicle to destroy the hair follicle. And the oxygen tissue surrounding the hair follicle. When laser output, the system has special cooling. Technology, cool the skin, protect the skin from damage, and achieve a very safe and comfortable state treatment. At the same time, the machine comes with skin rejuvenation function.

Function of Diode Laser:
1.Freezing Point Painless Hair Removal.
2. Skin Rejuvenation.
3.808nm laser: for almost most all kind of hair color from black to white.
4. Effective and safe treatment for permanent hair removal.

Suitable for hairs of various parts of the body, such as the hairline of the face, lip hair, beard and body hair, chest hair, limb hair, bikini hair, etc. surrounding tissues.
1. Fast speed:

High power large light spot and 10 Hz emission frequency increase the fastest treatment speed to 10 needles per second, which will save more treatment time.
2. Validity period:
3000W strong energy, stable power output.
3. Safe and painless:
Newly upgraded triple cooling system, using TEC cooling system for launch window sapphire, which can cool down to -28°C, so you can use the machine all day long, which makes the treatment comfortable all the time.
4. Easy-to-operate interface:

Automatic intelligent mode design for users, we have made different presets for different body parts, genders and skin types, even new users, they can easily operate the machine.

Handle Display

Machine Display

Spare Parts List
1: Aviation packing box *1

2: Machine *1
3:808nmDiode Laser handle *1
4: Customer glasses *1
5: Protect glasses *1
6: Funnel water pipe *1

7: Power cable *1

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