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HIFU 11 12 lines V-max Facial body vagina machines

  • Single row ultrasonic scalpel
  • Single row ultrasonic scalpel
  • Single row ultrasonic scalpel
  • Single row ultrasonic scalpel
  • Single row ultrasonic scalpel
Single row ultrasonic scalpelSingle row ultrasonic scalpelSingle row ultrasonic scalpelSingle row ultrasonic scalpelSingle row ultrasonic scalpel

Single row ultrasonic scalpel

  • HIFC focused ultrasound
  • Thermage CPT
  • laser
  • Product description: product manual: HIFU, a high-energy focused ultrasonic scalpel technique, as the name suggests, uses a focused method to focus the ultrasound and use its focused thermal force to drive high-energy ul

Product Details

working principle

A representative instrument for RF radio waves is the Therape CPT, and the energy source is radio waves.
The representative instrument of the laser is a light-waved laser with a long pulse wavelength of 1064 nm, and the energy source is light wave.
Ultrasonic knives, the energy source is ultrasonic, from the above table can be seen that the ultrasonic knives have a high heating temperature, deep treatment depth, and at the same time accurate.
Deep lifting technology enables immediate observation of tissue layers up to 8 mm deep during treatment;
The original “positioning indicator line” accurately locates the energy position and is clear and clear.

Technical characteristics

The ultrasound is concentrated by focusing, and the high-energy ultrasound is driven into the 4.5 mm shallow muscle fascia (SMAS) with its focused heat. The heat energy emitted by HIFU allows the SMAS layer to be tightened together with the muscles and skin to instantly achieve facial contour enhancement. In addition, the heat of HIFU technology effectively stimulates collagen to continue to proliferate, and its elastin makes skin more elastic.

1, firming the skin
2, wrinkles
3, skin relaxation
4, improve skin elasticity
5, eyelid drooping
6, lifting the cortex

Product advantages

1, safe and non-invasive: non-invasive stimulation of deep collagen and elastic fiber proliferation
2, the deepest depth: direct access to the deep fascia SMAS layer
3, high precision: focused ultrasound positioning, precision treatment does not hurt the surrounding tissue
4, a treatment: no need for multiple treatments, you can achieve a good lifting effect
5, no recovery period: after surgery can be beautifully presented, does not affect work life at all
6, the only pull: the FDA only obtained the "Lifting" pull indications
7, long-lasting effect: a treatment can be long-lasting for more than 2 years
8, the process is comfortable: energy only passes over the epidermis, acting on the deep layer, the skin does not have any feeling

Technical Parameters

Type: HIFC Focused Ultrasound
Frequency: 10MHz 7MHz 4MHz
Mode: Pulse Digital Mode Output
Power: maximum power 200W
Treatment probe: DS10-1.5 DS7-3.0N DS7-4.5 DS4-8.0 DS4-13
Length: 5.0-25mm 1mm / step
Input power: AC 110V-220V-50Hz/60Hz
Air box carton specifications: CM 53×41×40 10.5 kg
Base paper specification: CM 49×48×80 13 kg

Product acessories

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