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Lotion list Which is the best emulsion?

Lotion list Which is the best emulsion?

Wet lotion brand ranking TOP.1 L'Oreal emulsion

Effectively reduces the formation of melanin melanin: the patented ingredient Melanin_block, which regulates the formation of melanin melanin, which causes darkening and spots on the skin. Want to whiten, Platinum will let you return to 20 years old

Wet lotion brand ranking TOP.2 Magnolia oil emulsion

A smooth, creamy texture that is delicately moisturized. Unique shell shine, bright white skin, long-lasting shine. Contains glucosamine white complex.

Wet lotion brand ranking TOP.3 Shiseido lotion

Formulated with moisturizing ingredients. It feels refreshing, easy to absorb and keeps the skin soft and supple. Replenishes skin moisture and effectively resists damage to the skin caused by the external environment.

Lotion list Which is the best emulsion?

Wet lotion brand ranking TOP.4FANCL lotion

The water-locking factor forms a refreshing, water-locking film for the skin, leaving the skin supple and radiant.

Wet lotion brand ranking TOP.5Dior lotion

Christian Dior, the founder of his brand named Christian Dior (CD), has been at the top of the fashion and fashion pyramid since its inception.

Wet lotion brand ranking TOP.6 Mary Kay lotion

Contains natural anti-aging ingredients to rejuvenate cells and maintain long-lasting vitality; but it gradually diminishes with age.

The difference between lotion and cream

Wet lotion brand ranking TOP.7Chanel Chanel lotion

A rich, silky cream designed for severe dry and dehydrated skin. Moisturizing Moisturizing Cream gradually enhances the skin's natural barrier function by enhancing the skin's water-locking protein and active moisturizing factor.

Wet lotion brand ranking TOP.8 Ascott. Lancome lotion

The light and refreshing texture of the whitening moisturizing lotion is instantly absorbed, giving the skin a smooth and supple touch, helping to rebuild the skin's lipid protective layer and avoid dull skin.


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