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Modern people are increasingly pursuing health care. What kind of words should the beauty salon use to deal with customers' health questions?

Why do shoulder and neck care?

According to statistics, more than 90% of the population have different degrees of shoulder and neck problems, because the modern people's activity is reduced, long-term sitting posture is not correct or long-term fixed a posture, external force damage and other reasons cause cervical strain, the meridian is blocked, the blood is not smooth And headache, dizziness, insomnia, forgetfulness, dull skin on the face, even asymmetrical spots, shoulder and neck pain, tight and stiff, shoulder inflammation, hand numbness, etc., if not timely conditioning, the symptoms will develop more and more Serious, not only affects life and work, but also induces cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, dementia, and hemiplegia.

The advantages of shoulder and neck maintenance: can clear the meridians, promote blood circulation, relieve stress, relieve fatigue, refresh and improve a series of symptoms caused by cervical strain fatigue, such as you have ... you will feel ruddy after the completion, spirit Vibrant and happy, it can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and enhance the body's immunity.

Why do kidney maintenance?

Kidney is the congenital of human beings, the main Tibetan essence, the main bone marrow marrow, the main reproductive, growth and development, the main gas, the main water and liquid metabolism. Decreased kidney function will result in dry hair, hair loss, white hair, dizziness, tinnitus, eye bags, forgetfulness, dull skin, long spots, dullness, cold hands and feet, weak waist and knees, frequent urination, nocturia, lower extremity edema, cold dysmenorrhea, menstruation Not adjusted, cold and so on. If these symptoms are not timely, it will affect the husband and wife's life, infertility, affect the next generation's physique and talent, affect the function of other organs, the body's immunity declines, detoxification function declines, menopause is advanced, easy to induce tumor disease, kidney Continued decline in function can lead to kidney failure and uremia.

The benefits of kidney maintenance: can improve a series of symptoms caused by decreased kidney function ... enhance the body's immunity, delay menopause, improve the quality of married life. Immediately after the completion, I felt my hands were hot, my face was ruddy and I was in a good mood. If you do not have the above symptoms, kidney maintenance can enhance immunity and avoid the above symptoms.

Why do intestinal maintenance?

The intestine includes the small intestine and the large intestine. The small intestine is responsible for the absorption of nutrients. The large intestine is responsible for the discharge of the sputum (detoxification). If the intestinal function is degraded or dysfunctional, it will cause the function of malnutrition to affect the internal organs. When the large intestine is excreted, it will cause constipation. Causes intestinal toxin accumulation, toxins are repeatedly absorbed by the intestines and circulate to the organs and skin of the body with the blood, resulting in increased toxins in the body, resulting in fatigue, weakness, immunity, cold, acne on the face, dull skin, no Gloss, easy to obesity, lethargy, bad breath, irritability, etc. and increase the detoxification burden of organs such as liver and kidney. The absorbed nutrients cannot be absorbed, and the toxins in the row are not discharged, resulting in low body function, and toxin accumulation in the body induces tumor diseases (intestinal cancer, intestinal polyps, liver cancer, etc.).

The benefits of intestinal maintenance: restore the intestinal peristalsis function, strengthen the digestion and absorption of the gastrointestinal tract, quickly pass the stool, eliminate toxins, improve a series of symptoms caused by intestinal dysfunction... The absorption of nutrients is normally absorbed, the exclusion The toxins are discharged normally, the function of the organs is coordinated, the skin color is naturally rosy, the spirit is full, and the mood is pleasant. It feels particularly relaxed after the completion, and the exhaust is increased. After a week, I feel that the stool becomes soft. After two weeks, the stool will increase. After three weeks, the number of bowel movements will increase. After one month, the bowel movement will be relaxed and the face will be ruddy.

Why do ovarian maintenance?

The ovary is the source of women's youthful beauty. The estrogen and progesterone secreted by the ovaries play an important role in maintaining the second sexual characteristics of women and the growth and development of reproductive organs. They are the roots of reproduction and descendants, commonly known as the "life roots" of women. The hormone level is normal, the shape is well-proportioned, the skin is smooth and smooth, the temperament is calm, and the sound is gentle and sweet. Ovarian dysfunction, excessive secretion of hormones will induce breast disease (mammary gland hyperplasia, fibroids, breast cancer, etc.), gynecological diseases (uterine fibroids, cervical cancer, etc.), hormone levels are too low: dry skin, dull, easy to be long spots Long pox, easy aging, irregular menstruation, low menstruation, amenorrhea, early menopause, vaginal dryness, uncoordinated husband and wife, cold sex, infertility, emotional instability, easy to get angry.

The benefits of ovarian maintenance: improve a series of symptoms caused by ovarian dysfunction ... smooth mood, improve the quality of sexual life of couples, prevent breast and gynecological diseases. Regulate endocrine, delay menopause, and delay aging.

Why do breast care?

The breast is a manifestation of a woman's second sexual characteristics, showing the charm of a woman and a symbol of a woman's beauty. But in recent years, breast cancer and uterine cancer have become the number one killer of women. According to statistics, 76.4% of women in China suffer from different degrees of breast disease (mammary gland hyperplasia, fibroids, breast duct tumors, etc.), and the number of people dying from breast cancer each year is as high as 200,000. Why is the incidence of breast diseases so high? It is mainly related to factors such as environmental pollution, food pollution, drug effects, life and work pressure, improper wearing of underwear, etc. These factors cause the body's visceral dysfunction, meridians, and blood. The malnutrition of the breast is poorly absorbed and the toxin is not well ruled out. If the chest has a large number of blue veins, nodules, lumps, premenstrual pain and other symptoms must be promptly adjusted. According to the survey, women with long-term breast care care, the incidence of breast is almost equal to zero.

The benefits of breast care: using a dozen traditional Chinese medicine formula combined with professional loosening techniques, dredge meridians, blood circulation, dredge breast tube, promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, so that breast nutrient absorption and toxin elimination are normal, improve breast Disease and prevention of breast cancer, early detection, early treatment, early prevention. Enhance self-confidence and improve the quality of couples' sexual life. Example: Chen Xiaoxu who died of breast cancer. The forehead symbolizes luck, the chest symbolizes blessing, and the hips symbolize wealth. For example: Li Jie of our store...


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