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[VISIA7] purchased VISIA7 skin tester and used VISIA7 to respond to customer consultations

As the most advanced detector in the current skin tester, VISIA7 has deeply influenced the skin management institutions, beauty salons, hospitals and other skin centers throughout the world.

Then VISIA7 is also the latest and most comprehensive appearance detector in the VISIA family. The price is of course high, but the brand influence is great. Many customers believe this skin with the influence of VISIA in the skin detector. The reliability of the detector is reliable, so the major institutions are also eager to buy one or more VISIA7, so after buying it, they don’t know how to respond to the customer’s consultation. Today, Xiaobian will share with you our professional The US faculty teacher will share the VISIA7 consultations with everyone!

General customer came to the front desk for consultation

1. Hello, Miss, what can I do for you? / What is the need to help?

2. Ok, please come over and fill out a form.

3. What kind of care/treatment do you want to do today?

4. Please come with me and now take you to a consultant who is dedicated to you.

Consultation on Visia7 skin tester

1. Miss XX, hello, I am a dermatologist consultant XXX. I see that the information you filled in is to treat XXX, right?

2, ok, we take a photo through the skin analyzer, look at your current skin condition, have you cleaned your face? (Clean to continue to the next step, without cleaning, take the customer to clean the face first)

3, please sit here, bring the hair care, surrounded by reflective cloth. Tell me about your basic information, we have to enter data, including your name, age

4. Please put your face on the chin rest, the forehead is close to the head cushion, close your eyes, your face is relaxed, put your hands on both sides, keep your posture, and the light flashes twice to wink.

5. Are you ready? We are starting to take pictures now.


6, Miss So, hello! We have now used VISIA to do a photo test on your skin. Our instrument is a professional skin quantitative analysis instrument caused by foreign countries. It can not only clearly see the problem of our skin surface, but also scientifically reflect the health of the skin tissue of the dermis that we can't see with the naked eye. .

Consultation on skin condition analysis

When analyzing skin condition:

(One by one to show the guests each picture of her skin condition, simply explain the meaning of each picture when you look at it. Then grab the most serious skin problems of the guests to explain the analysis carefully, use the comparison chart, preferably a piece Standard light plus a deep pathological image for analysis)

A. Surface: Miss XX, you see, this is a comparison of the surface and deep layers of your skin. The surface condition is also visible to the naked eye. We can see that your skin is generally good, and the forehead and chin are good both smooth and fair, and there are no spots or pigmentation. Look at the cheeks again, because the human cheeks are most exposed to the sun and receive the most UV exposure. In addition, people also focus on the cheeks when applying cosmetics and skin care products, so the load on the cheeks is also heavier. Through the observation of the surface, we can see that your cheeks have a slight spot, the skin is slightly reddish, and the pores on both sides of the nose are relatively large. Let's take a look at your deep skin condition.

B. Brown spot analysis: First, let's take a look at your brown area. The brown area indicates a melanin deposit in the deep layers of our skin. It is a distribution of spots that cannot be excreted by ourselves. You see, your deep spots are more, and there are dense spots under the eyes, on the cheeks and around. This condition is dangerous. Once you are not properly cared for, or some eating habits and living habits will cause pigmentation and growth to the epidermis. This kind of spot, although the epidermis is not visible, it is real. Therefore, it is recommended that you treat it in time, and metabolize melanin out of the body as soon as possible before the superficial spots surface. This has a good advantage in terms of treatment and effect and even treatment price.

C. UV spots, UV spots This picture shows the UV spots formed by the skin after absorbing UV rays, which is also what we usually call sun spots. Do you usually have sunscreen? (Yes) What is the sun protection factor of your skin care products? Wipe the sunscreen for a few hours? Through this picture we can see that your usual sun protection work is still not enough, your UV spots show more.

D-purple analysis, this picture shows the condition of the subcutaneous oil and porphyrin of our skin, can infer the degree of bacterial infection, and thus the probability of skin rupture in the near future. Your porphyrin oil is also more, if you stay up late, drink alcohol, eat irritating mistakes, it will cause acne outbreaks.

E. Red Zone Analysis: Finally, let's take a look at your red zone skin condition. The red area reflects the sensitive condition of our skin and the distribution of red blood cells. You see, the surface picture shows that your cheeks are slightly reddish. When you compare the red area, we can see that the red color of your piece is very deep, which is obvious compared to your forehead and chin. There are two possibilities for deep red. One is that your skin is in a very sensitive state recently, but your skin may have used irritating products or more irritating treatments recently. In other words, at this stage your skin is unhealthy. At this time, we recommend that you do oxygen and not sleep to improve the unhealthy condition of our skin. Just like our body, when it is sick, it is not bizarre, so when the skin is sensitive, first do oxygen, and adjust the skin condition to health. Only healthy can have good metabolism, in order to better absorb treatment and care products.


VISIA7 skin tester questions and answers

1. For your skin condition, our VISIA7 skin analysis system also automatically gives an exact treatment plan. (Do you want to do it today?) You also understand your skin condition, and it is better to do it now. Once these subcutaneous plaques are exposed to the surface of the skin, the treatment cycle is relatively longer and more expensive.

2. You are more expensive in this treatment.

Answer: The key is to have an effect. I believe that if it doesn't work, you won't do it if you are cheap.

3. Is there any effect?

Answer: This effect can be seen in the treatment process, not even if I said it.

4. Is it guaranteed to have an effect after you have finished this treatment?

Answer: At the same time as treatment, you have to cooperate. Such as sun protection, eating mild food, ensuring sleep, skin care and so on. This will achieve our desired results.

5. Your beautician's own skin is not good, give me beauty?

Answer: You didn't see what I used to be. I used to have a lot of acne. It is much better now than before.

6. Did the images on your instrument have been processed?

Answer: Our hospital has received a lot of customers, just like you came to take pictures. You can also take a look at the photo analysis of other customers (call out a picture of a customer with very good skin condition)

7. I want to discuss it with my husband!

Answer: It is a woman's business to do beauty. It is a man's business to drink beer to watch football. A woman must maintain mystery. A woman has no mystery and a man is not fresh. If one day you make yourself beautiful, give your husband a new image, a surprise, such a woman is the most intelligent. You said that discussing with your husband also means that your husband and wife are very respectful. He has a very good position in your heart. I think he will certainly support you.

8. Your treatment is too long, I am afraid I have no time, I am very busy.

Answer: Great! I like to work with people who are very busy. They are often very capable and very clear about how to use our time effectively. If you don't pay attention to skin care now, you may spend more time and money in this area in the future. In addition, irregular life, excessive struggle will lead to skin black and yellow, aging, pigmentation and so on. If you do not use an effective product in time, it can cause serious consequences of skin problems. A woman must have a good body and a good face. If you are unified, I will help you arrange your time and make an appointment to let you spend the least time to care for your skin, ok?


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