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HIFU 11 12 lines V-max Facial body vagina machines

  • V5 PRO
  • V5 PRO
  • V5 PRO
  • V5 PRO
  • V5 PRO


  • Type: HIFU/RF/v10
  • Technology:RF/40K/BIO/LED/vacuum
  • Technology: HIFU---High Intensiy Foused Ultrasound
  • Certification: ISO CE CFDA
  • Product description: V5 PRO is a new kind of beauty equipment combined with the technology of Hifu and RF, It has the function of body slimming , skin tighteninig, Please read this manul carefully before using it and use

Product overview

V5 PRO is a new kind of beauty equipment combined with the technologyof Hifu and RF, It has the function of body slimming , skin tighteninig,Please read this manul carefully before using it and use it strictlyaccording to the instrustion.

Product Introduction

HIFU technology

Deep into the subcutaneous fat layer by turning the energy source intoindividual hot condensation points to destory the unexpected fat cells,reduce unexpected fat cells, stimulate the contraction and thickening ofcollagen simultaneously, Stimulate Elastic fifiber, unexpected fat cellsdecomposed into triglyceride, excreted through the body's metabolismto get the effffect of body shaping .

RF Technology

With the technology of RF, skip the epidermis directly to the subcutaneous tissue, Resonating water molecules in the skin and subcutaneoustissue, accelerate heat generation by tissue friction , Elevated temperature promotes catabolism of subcutaneous fat,stimulating the proliferation and recombination of collagen and elastic fifiber to achieve theeffffect of skin tightening , shaping and lifting.

V10 head principle

The handle incorporates a variety of black technology multi-function combination, using two 40KHZ super sound popping, two BIO micro current, two RF, vacuum negative pressure and infrared LED technology, first use 40K grease, then use high frequency RF waves Accurately acting on the water molecules in the subcutaneous fat, causing the bipolar water molecules to produce rapid vibration. The heat generated by the high-speed rotary friction heats the subcutaneous fat tissue, and exerts special physical stimulation on the skin tissue to promote the action. The skin tissue is wrinkled, and under the vacuum negative pressure, it produces subtle mechanical stimulation to the deep skin tissue, which promotes the biochemical reaction of deep adipose tissue to accelerate fat consumption, and activates lipase rapidly under specific magnetic wave and radio frequency to accelerate fat decomposition. The fat cells are decomposed into free fatty acids and glycerol, which are excreted by human metabolism, so that the volume of the fat cells is reduced, and the orange peel tissue and the fat-soluble shaping effect are improved.

Product illustration

Product function

1. Fat reduction in all parts of the body.
2, effectively improve the body shape, reduce local fat, reduce local fat protrusion.
3, slimming shaping: arms, buttocks, waist and abdomen, thighs, calves.
4, tighten tight, physical recovery after postpartum and liposuction.
5, slimming: reduce cellulite, reduce fat, improve skin relaxation.
6, firming: strengthen the firming skin, increase skin elasticity, improve orange peel, lighten postpartum stretch marks.

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